How to exercise when travelling: a helpful list for the common traveller

Are you the kind of person who loves to exercise every day? So what do you do when you are traveling? In many cases, it will be difficult to do your regular workout when you are on the road.

While travelling, you are probably busy with work or the challenges of navigating a new city, plus you will not have access to your usual workout equipment. However, there are some easy ways to get exercise while traveling.

There are many bodyweight travel exercises that you can do to keep your body fit during your vacation.

  1. Some exercises you can do from anywhere. If you are on a trip, you can do things like renting (most large cities have this!) and riding a bike…Paris is known for its bicycle rentals, and it is a great way to see the city. You can also go running or hiking if you have some leisure time in the countryside, but be sure to protect yourself from pain with shin splint sleeves if you’re going to be doing a lot of running. These are both excellent exercises for your body, and the best thing is that you won’t feel like you are working out because you are exploring new places.
  2. Whenever you are reaching a new city, check the nearest park.Most local parks have basic equipment like monkey bars, pull up bars, tennis and basketball courts, stretching areas, and the like. For doing push-ups and bodyweight squats, you just need some space on the ground. You can do pull-ups on tree branches, parking lot structures, etc. You can do all these exercises by enjoying yourself.
  3. You can do basic strength training workout when you are traveling. Strength-training is the best exercise for building your muscles, joints, etc. Pushups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burbees, and situps are sufficient. You can do these kinds of exercises quickly, and it will affect all the muscles in your body. This exercise regimen requires very few movements and can be done from anywhere. This workout will also help you to become active and healthy and will take less time.
  4. If your flight is getting delayed, you can use that time efficiently. Take a walk around the airport, and if you are going for a long trip, your bag will weigh more for sure. So walking with a heavy weight in the form of luggage is pretty decent exercise for your body.
  5. Pack light equipment. It is not possible to carry your heavy dumbbells with you while traveling. But you can carry a lot of lightweight exercise equipment with you. The best one you can bring with you is a jump rope. You can also bring resistance bands, or a TRX system. Instead of sliders, you can use hand towels. And you know, you can even use water bottles as hand weights!
  6. Could not carry any of your exercise equipment? No need to worry. Still, you can do plenty of stuff that does not require any of the exercise equipment. Get up atleast half an hour early and do around 100 jumping jacks, around 50 push-ups, hold a plank for one minute, and for 30-60 seconds you can do burpees. If you have some more time, you can repeat these exercises.


  1. Stretch it out. You might be traveling a long distance; therefore your body’s muscles will become tight while sitting on the plane or in the car. As soon as you reach your destination, do some forward falls (touch your toes) or sit down, hug your knees and rock from one side to the other, which will help to stretch the muscles in your back and legs. You can do some yoga poses like downward dog and child’s pose which will also help your body to reset.
  2. Walking is the best exercise for everyone. It does not require anything, is easy on the joints, and you do not need a particular place to walk. You can walk everywhere. When you are in a city, instead of hiring a cab you can walk if you want to go a nearby place. You can also go for a light jog through your new surroundings; it will be an enjoyable experience for you. All these small things will keep you stay active throughout the day.
  3. Did not find any place for doing pull-ups or dips? Well, you can use a table or desk and do body weight rows. Or else, you can lift your suitcase and do some dumbbell rows. Use the facilities in your room creatively, and you can do a lot of workouts like this.

Whatever exercise you are doing, you also have to give attention to your food. If you are not eating healthy food, doing all these exercises will be less effective in making you look and feel your best. Doing some simple exercises with a healthy diet will keep you fit while you are traveling.

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