Prepare Your Thailand Holiday Itinerary

Thailand is undeniably one of the most popular tourism destinations in the whole worlds. Combination of beautiful tropical landscape, exotic culture, and also very modern tourism industry becomes the main reason why tourists from all over the world are coming to this country. It is a good decision that you want to travel to Thailand this summer. It is going to be a new adventure for you and your family and there will be so much to experience there.

Like the wise man said, it is all started with a good preparation. As summer holiday is coming near, it is time to start preparing your traveling plan to Thailand. Like it or not, you only have limited time for your holiday so be smart creating the itinerary so you can get the most from this holiday vacation. It is obvious you need to have accurate and reliable information to plan your itinerary and for that you can always count on This is the most comprehensive Thailand travel guide dedicated for foreign tourist specifically from those from the western hemisphere. No wonder because this portal is established and managed by a western dentist who fall in love with this country and has been living there for the past 9 years exploring all sides of Thailand.

From his experience, as tourist and now as one of its residents, this portal is dedicated to guide those who want to travel to and explore the beauty of Thailand. Here at this portal you can find complete information about visiting Thailand including preparing for documents, information things to carry, and many more. The core of this portal is giving guidelines of places of interest all across this country. It is really helpful to guide you choose based on your preference for the most suitable itinerary for your holiday vacation. 

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