WiFi on the Way


WiFi devices are becoming more and more popular to the world travelers, especially those travel bloggers. When I first came to Thailand and people were using global wifi hotspot instead of SIM cards to get a better connection, it was the first I had heard of them. These days, it’s quite normal to try other WiFi devices. This RoamingMan international WiFi is very popular in China these days but has been released in the USA now, will be available in Singapore soon.

As a blogger, WiFi abroad is really important since all my income comes from writing blogs. You may just see me travel all the time and take photos but I spend soooooo much time online writing and blogging. When I travel, it’s a real concern that I won’t have good WiFi to let me work efficiently.

“With the innovative Cloud SIM technology, it requires no SIM cards, and automatically connect to the local carrier’s network with strongest signals based on your location. No worry about roaming fee, bill shock, locked phones, language barrier, hacking risk, juggling among different local SIMs any more.It can also be used as power bank to charge your phone anytime.” – RoamingManWifi Hotspot

Cloud SIMs are awesome because you aren’t stuck with one network like an actual SIM card. It’s very convenient for people who are hopping from country to country.Up to 5 devices connection allowed, and this will be much cheaper if you have travel buddies.

Runs for up to 15 hours on one charge of battery-life.Their website says it’s unlimited data but in the package, it also says they say they go by Fair Usage Policy in some countries and to not stream or use up too much data. It’s real 4G network, and it’s fast when it connects to a good network; up to 150 mbps for downloads and 50 mbps for uploads.

They have promotion now and just $6.99/day with unlimited roaming data. That’s very affordable price. It’s cheaper than most systems I’ve seen which range around $10.

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